30 avril 2012

frais de port offert !!!

Hop la c'est le mois des ponts, et pour feter les longs week end en famille a se reposer, j'ai décidée d'offrir les frais de port sur la boutique Crème anglaise pour toute la France, :) A vos clics :)
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26 avril 2012

Cui cui to be continued, because I love making them!

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25 avril 2012


Back from my lovely Holidays in NYC, I felt very inspire, maybe it is the fact that you have to flew there I don't know, I felt like I wanted to be poetic and made those little birds to put on Mael's room. I really like them and I am already making some more for Heidi, I am getting better an better at it, more details will come, as I have so many things on my head that I want to sew on. ps: it might be my jetlag that still make me speak english!!!! :)
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11 avril 2012

It's New York Time for us!!!

Just a quick email from the Airport Charles de Gaule to let you know that we are off to New york for some well diserve Holiday!! But don't panic we will back next week to answer all your emails... Juste un petit mot en live depuis l'aeroport de paris Charles de Gaule pour vous dire que nous nou envolons pour quelques jours a New York pour des vacances bien mérités :) Mais pas de panique on reviens la semaine prochaine pour répondre a tous vos emails... A tres vite  
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04 avril 2012

Hop des poufs!

Hop hop hop les nouveaux poufs tout neuf, prêt pour faire jolie dans vos crémières! Dans la chambre des enfants pour lire une histoire ou sauter dessus, ou alors dans le salon pour les invites!!
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03 avril 2012

chute!!! baby asleep!

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03 avril 2012

Moon crib on our everyday life

Here is our baby girl 3 months and a half happily staying in her moon bed!!! We've try to make a little space on our bedrooom  speciallly for her, as she sleep with us! well you know how difficult it is when your baby still doesn't sleep trought the night, you don't want to run every where, you want your baby next to you, and SLEEEEEEp as much as you can, when you can :)!   To know more about the moon crib find it on our webshop: http://www.cremeanglaise.bigcartel.com/
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